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All You Need to Know About Vape Mod

Vaping is an efficient smoking quitting practice, that has been adopted by millions of people across the globe. It not only helps you quit cigarettes, but also improves your health, hygiene and lifestyle. It is considered to be 95% safer than traditional cigarettes, and it doesn’t entail the combustion of tobacco or the release of any harmful substances. 

When we talk about the act of vaping, it is mediated by two things i.e. vape device or vapouriser and e-liquid. Vape devices come in many shapes and sizes with different types of mechanisms and functionality. A vape mod is a device with is generally used by people who are beginners or mid-level vapers. From the outset, it looks and works like all other vape devices you see, but let’s take a deeper look into what vape mods really are

Why Is It Called a Mod?

Vape mods allow their users to customize or modify their vaping experience to a great extent, as compared with basic starter kits. They are a little advanced vape devices that work easily with a lot of vape tanks. Hence the word mod, refers to the act of modification, or customization.

What Is a Regulated or Unregulated Mod?

There are two types of vape mods: regulated and unregulated mods. Regulated mod devices contain a circuit board which is used to tweak and regulate the power that is generated through the device. As a beginner are going to want a simple regulated mod. Regulated mods have safety features to help prevent user errors and they allow you to fine tune your vaping experience by adjusting your wattage and using different resistance coils.

Unregulated mods are vape devices that don’t come with an internal circuit board. These devices generate power by passing electric current that comes from the battery, directly to the atomizer. An unregulated mod, such as a mech is for someone who has a lot of technical experience and understands the variables involved in vaping, how they correlate to each other, how to build their own coils, as well as how to troubleshoot their own problems most of the time. Again, an unregulated mechanical mod is for someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

The Actual Definition of a Mod

Your mod is the main, larger part of your vape. It is where the battery might be stored depending on your vape, where there might be a chip or circuit board if you’re using a regulated mod. Some mod devices come with buttons to adjust your settings, which will be on the mod itself as well. Mod devices could physically resemble a box, or they could be tubular in appearance or shape. Some mods also have built-in batteries inside them, that makes them more fool-proof, whereas others come with external batteries that’s used with the mod.

What Else Might My Mod Have?

Depending on the mod, it will have a readout that will display your battery life, your current wattage and the resistance of your coil(Ω), and voltage. Some more advanced ones may have menus to adjust settings and other things. Most are navigated only using the two or three buttons on your mod, the fire button, Wattage+ and Wattage-. Your pamphlet or menu will tell you have navigate or work around you mod, or you can learn how to using google.

Other mods will may a charging port that accepts micro usb or another type of cable. Typically, these ports can be used to charge the battery in the mod, however an exterior charger is safer and preferred by most. Some more advanced mods may have firmware upgrades.

The 510 Thread

The 510 thread is the industry standard for screwing atomizers into your mod. The female portion will be the part on your mod, and the male screw is at the bottom of your tank or rda. For clarification, the female thread on the left would be on the top of your mod and would not come off. On the right is what appears to be a tank.

The plate that makes the connection is usually referred to as the pin or connection pin. Usually it’s made of copper and on bottom of the 510 threading, which touches your atomizer and the other part is on the end of the male connection. You can see examples of the plating above. Some pins are fixed in place, some are like screws which can be moved up and down, and some are spring loaded and can be pushed down to compensate for a longer male thread.

Some Additional Facts About Vape Mods

Vape mods also allow you to switch between different types of vaping styles, such as mouth to lung, and direct to lung, by moving between power and controlling the temperature as per your wish. Vape mods also create a greater vapour quantity due to their greater output. You can easily put your choice of vape tank, because vape mods are compatible with almost all type of tanks, such as RDA, RTL, MTL, and sub-ohm tanks.

Final Thought

Vape mods are extremely safe and user-friendly devices that expand your vaping experience as per your needs and desires. They are easy to understand and use, once you get a hang of the device. Hence, don’t get discouraged at the outset, and keep learning more about the vape mod devices. You may also want to try out a few, before buying yourself one.

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