Will I receive the same product as shown in the picture?

We strive to provide accurate and representative product images on our website. We understand the importance of showcasing products as they appear in reality. While we make every effort to ensure that the products you receive match the images displayed on our website, there may be some slight variations in appearance due to factors such as lighting, monitor settings, or manufacturing changes.

Can I return the item?

Yes, you always can just in case the product you have received is damaged, or has a fault in it or it did not come what you ordered then surely you can return the item.

Will you restock items indicated as Out of Stock?

It depends. To know this, you should subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

In how many days will my product deliver?

You will receive your order within 1 to 7 working days.

Can vaping help me quit smoking?

There is some evidence to suggest that vaping can help people quit smoking, but it is not a guaranteed solution.

How does a vape work?

A vape device heats up a liquid (e-liquid or e-juice) to create a vapor, which is then inhaled through a mouthpiece.

What are the different types of vapes available?

The most common types of vapes are pod systems, box mods, and vape pens.

What is the difference between e-liquid and e-juice?

E-liquid and e-juice are interchangeable terms that refer to the liquid that is used to create vapor in a vape device.

Can I customize the nicotine level in my e-liquid?

Yes, many e-liquid manufacturers offer different nicotine levels to cater to individual preferences.