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How to Maintain and Clean Your Vape Kit for Optimal Performance

Vaping has helped millions of people, all over the globe, to achieve a smoke-free life. When quitting cigarettes seems like an insurmountable task, vaping comes in, streamlines the journey for you, and saves you from the turmoil of going cold turkey. People employ a lot of different vape devices in order to vape, but one of the top most used vaping tools is refillable devices. The refillable device isn’t a name of a single vape device, but it’s a characteristic feature of some of the vape devices, including pod systems, mod, RDA, and pod-mod systems. A lot of different vape shops have opened up now, and it’s really easy to get one.

What Are Refillable Vape Devices?

As the name suggests, these devices can be refilled with e-liquids, and their vaping gears can be changed. Refillable vaping tools are extremely handy and cost-effective, and they are the best devices for people who are slowly looking to curb their nicotine intake. You can easily refill the tank with any strength of nicotine e-liquid and wean it down to zero whenever you think you are ready. But these devices also entail a degree of maintenance on the user’s part in order to function properly and give the best results. Here are a few tips and tricks to clean and maintain your vape kit for optimal performance

Tips for Changing Vape Flavour

A tip as simple as cleaning your tank before changing your vape flavour, can go a long way in increasing the longevity of your device. When you have run out of e-liquid or want to replace the flavour altogether, it’s good to give your tank a nice cleaning to gain a more pronounced and better flavour. A simple clean-up only entails a few basic steps:

–       Remove the tank from the mod

–       Remove the trace of remaining e-liquid

–       Take apart the rest of the tank

–       Take a bowl and add luke-warm water to it

–       Soak the parts of the tank inside the water

–       Wash the parts gently until they are clean

–       Let each part air dry or use a towel to dry them off

–       Finally, put together all the parts and refill the tank

Your Choice of E-Liquid for Your Vape Kit

Your choice of e-liquid can both make or break your whole vaping experience. E-liquids that have an excessive amount of artificial flavours and sweeteners can affect the longevity of the coil and can even destroy the coil altogether. These kinds of e-liquids can clog up your tank and affect the airflow. Most dessert-based e-liquids have a lot of sweeteners inside them, and they end up producing a lot of gunk inside the coil. That gunk accumulates over time and destroys the coil, which results in a burnt taste or flavour. Hence, choosing an e-liquid that has a balanced flavour profile with a moderate amount of sweeteners is the key to achieving consistency and strengthening the life of your vape device.

Troubleshooting The Atomiser

A lot of people complain about their atomizers producing a strange voice while vaping. This strange voice is the result of excessive condensate that gets stored inside the air inlet, nozzle, and tube of the atomizer. If this is a persistent issue for you, you have to get rid of the condensate. In order to do it, the first step is to discharge it. Discharging entails letting your atomizer burn for about 5 to 6 seconds before inhaling it. You have to perform this 3 to 4 times and then put your device to rest for a while without using it. By performing these steps, the condensate will automatically get removed from the tank, and you will be able to enjoy your vaping sessions without any weird noise barging in.

Tips for Cleaning Your Tank

Despite cleaning your tank every time you change your e-liquid, it is important to give your tank a full-blown monthly cleaning. Every once a month, you should take apart your device and get it a nice cleaning with an old toothbrush. You can use a toothbrush to clean the threads of your tank and mod. Other than a toothbrush, you can also employ a Q-tip or cotton swabs to clean the remainder of the juice inside your tank. After doing this, you can dab some VG on the Q-tip and gently stroke it against the threads of the tank so that it doesn’t fasten on the mod or become challenging to loosen up. You can also dab some e-juice if it’s tough to get the top cap on or the airflow is too tight in your RDA.

Rinsing Your Vape Device

Rinsing your vape device is also important and distilled water is best but tap water will do. Use 70% isopropyl to wash every month or so to kill bacteria. Vegetable glycerin does not kill anything that may start growing in your tank. Also, keep an eye on the juice channels. If you are consistently getting dry hits for a while and cannot troubleshoot the problem, there is a very high likelihood that the channels are blocked with cotton that usually turns black.

Final Note

Aside from charging, your vape device itself requires little to no maintenance at all. Most of the maintenance will be for the tank and coils. It’s usually a good idea to take the tank apart about once a week or so and give it a good clean. You will also need to replace the coils, and depending on what you use, you will need to do this about once a week to once every two weeks. Make sure to periodically wipe the surface with a damp cloth from time to time. And that’s about it really.

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